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Getting potential customers to want to receive your email communication is obviously a vital component of successful email marketing. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by offering a free sign-up form on your own website.

But compare a typical sign-up form to our sign-up form below. Our sign-up form gives something of real value for signing up - in this case a FREE E-Mail Marketing Summary Guide. Remember, receiving a potential customer's email address is extremely valuable. Make sure you provide them with something equally valuable.

Our sign up form also allows users to choose only those topics they are interested in. If you choose E-Mail Marketing and Best (clean) joke of the week for example, that is all you will get. This is how we insure subscribers only receive the content they are interested in.

We will develop a custom SIGN-UP Form and work with you to develop your company's own valuable Free Offering for subscribing.


FREE! Receive GraphiCom's 2006 E-Mail Marketing Executive Summary Guide FREE!

The 2006 edition contains an Executive Summary of the latest in email marketing trends, current best practices and other "how to" information. Get your copy FREE, just by signing up to GraphiCom's e-Marketing newsletter, which is also FREE!

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