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The Great Marketing Equalizer

E-mail marketing has been called the great marketing equalizer. Small companies can now compete with large companies in fostering customer relationships, driving sales and building a brand, literally on a one-to-one basis, all without breaking the budget.

Done right, e-mail marketing delivers relevant customer-driven content that is eagerly welcomed. Done wrong, e-mail marketing is SPAM at its worst.

Email Marketing Facts

  • Email marketing - Spending in the United States will rise from $2.1 billion to $6.1 billion in 2008, according to a report from Jupiter Research.
  • Email marketing - According to a recent Quris study, the average consumer is participating in 10 to 20 relationships with various companies at any given time.
  • Email marketing - In a recent report released by the Winterberry Group, a New York-based consultancy, email marketing generates, on average, 17% more sales (per marketing dollar spent) than direct mail. This is even more impressive when you consider that marketers spend, on average, 23 times more on direct mail campaigns.
  • The report also concudes that email marketing generates 73% more sales than telemarketing.
  • Unlike direct mail, email marketing provides legitimate marketers with many additional benefits:
    • Dramatically lower cost
    • Instantly measurable results - 80% of the response happens within the first 48 hours. This holds true for both B2B and B2C markets.
    • Content can be automatically defined and delivered based on customer-driven behaviors
    • The customer becomes an active participant in the relationship
    • Customers define their own specific areas of interests
Chances are, your competitors have already started building email marketing relationships with your potential customers. The time to start is NOW...

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Why choose GraphiCom for your email marketing needs?

We are a perfect fit for small to medium sized companies who either don't have the time or the expertise to develop, deliver and continually monitor their email marketing efforts in-house. We provide full email marketing turn-key solutions. No complicated software to learn, no programming or content problems to solve. Just let us know what you'd like to communicate and we do the rest, including:

  • Helping you grow your subscriber list
  • Getting your subscribers to choose their own content
  • Create your newsletter or marketing message
  • Deliver your newsletter or marketing message
  • Track and Report the results
  • Modify the content based on what worked
  • Manage list activities like bounces, new subscribers, refer-a-friend links, etc.

TurnKey Solutions or Do-it-Yourself

Our email marketing service gives you the freedom and flexibility to move from a full turnkey solution to an in-house solution at any time.

We get things up and running for you and then, if and when you are ready, we can train your staff on how to manage things or you can continue to outsource the whole process to us.

Some companies have moved things in-house and kept us to create the content, while others find it more cost-effective to outsource it all to us. The point is you always have complete and total control, flexibility and peace of mind! Check out our Special $349 Jump Start Offer!


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