We Manage List Activities, Like New Subscribers, Bounces and Refer-a-Friend Activities

After we develop your SIGN-UP FORM for your website as a means of growing your subscriber base, we begin tracking all those who do sign-up. Their information automatically gets added to your database and you are sent a notification email whenever a sign-up occurs. (You can elect not to receive these notifications if you want).

In addition, we also track all subscribers' content preferences and interests, when they sign up, which automatically gets added in your database as well. This makes it very easy to generate targeted audiences in which to send targeted campaigns.

BTW: Your subscribers can modify their content preferences at any time. A specific button for that is included at the bottom of every email campaign sent, along with an unsubscribe button (required by the CAN SPAM Act of 2004). We also include a Forward to a Friend button as well. In fact, one of our reports even shows how often this button was used!


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