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Why Do GraphiCom's Print Designs Work?
Overwelmed customer

Because You Only Get 20 Seconds!

Unfortunately, nobody has time to sit down and read collateral cover to cover. Most potential customers will only skim through it (just like you are doing on this website now). So we make sure your collateral gets to the point - and FAST! In fact, we can visually tell your story, prove your credibility and ignite action - all in about 20 seconds.

Steve Kellogg

Its not often you find a San Diego graphic designer with over 10 years of professional marketing experience. My name is Steve Kellogg and I am the President of Graphicom. I work directly with you on every project. My career includes:

  • 10 years experience developing graphic design in San Diego for a diverse range of clients, including those in the Medical, Manufacturing, Telecom, Financial, IT, Government, Consumer and Retail business sectors.
  • 12 years experience as VP of Marketing within the Wireless Communications Industry, developing marketing programs for VeriZon Wireless, AT&T, US West, 360 Communications, LA Cellular, Nextel and other regional cellular carriers.
  • Published author, marketing consultant and guest speaker at trade organizations.

This broad range of expertise has provided me with a very clear understanding of why potential customers even bother to review your print, web, interactive or email marketing collateral in the first place. Why? Read on...

Why Our Designs Work

There is really only ONE reason why people will ever bother to look at your collateral: To see if it will meet their particular need.

Potential customers want to read about you only after they know "what's in it for them". Whether in print, on the web, by interactive methods, or even in an email, your marketing collateral MUST first meet a viewer’s need!

We’re Experts at Proving Your Credibility

Now that you’ve got the interest of a potential customer, the next big step is to prove your credibility. Everyone says they have the best products, the best services or the best price. Unless you can prove your claim quickly, it’s all just “blah, blah, blah” to a potential customer and...your 20 seconds are up! We’re experts at visually establishing your credibility!

We’re Experts at Igniting Viewers into Taking Action

If your collateral can visually solve a problem and then prove your credibility, then igniting viewers into taking action is much easier! A good design makes it very clear what you want viewers to do. People don’t have time to try and interpret what action you want them to take. We’re experts at developing a clear road map within your print, web, interactive and email collateral that leads viewers directly to your desired outcome.

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