Recent Testimonials
“Since GraphiCom redesigned our existing products and collateral we’ve experienced a substantial increase in sales revenues.”

Jessica Swift, V.P. Operations, OREC Corporation

“Our revenues have increased a whopping 67% since GraphiCom redesigned our magazine. GraphiCom has a keen sense of creating just the right mix of design and marketing. They are ON TIME with major deliverables and they LISTEN to their clients; two critical measures for success.”

Ed Balian, Ph.D., Publisher of PhotoWorld Magazine

“GraphiCom develops brochures, web sites and interactive flash ‘PowerPoint’ presentations for us. They have the ability to link visual design with effective message delivery and response motivation. It’s one thing to dazzle the audience, it requires much more skill to get potential customers to take action!”

Lawrence Harte, President, Intertec Corporation

“We are usually on extremely tight deadlines with the development and delivery of our marketing materials. GraphiCom consistently delivers what we need within hours, many times within the same hour! If only all our vendors were that responsive!"

Gary Lillian , President, Javo Beverage Company

“If you are considering utilizing the Internet to market your company, I would strongly recommend using GraphiCom to develop your web site.

Over the past twelve months we’ve gone through an entire overhaul of our business systems. This was a very painful process, primarily due to the poor service and broken promises by overextended vendors who were more interested in cashing in than providing quality service.

Graphicom was the lone exception. They not only did what they said they were going to do, but consistently did so on time and on budget, meeting every critical deadline.

As a leading enterprise technology executive search firm, our clients are among the biggest Internet companies in the world. Graphicom provided the marketing we needed to impress them. Since the launch of our new site, I am pleased to report that our ‘expert’ clients are praising the site’s professional look, ease of use, simplicity and focus.”

Tom Conway, Senior Partner, Technology Consultants, International.

P.S. I would also like you to know that the above testimonial was not solicited by GraphiCom in any way, but was certainly earned.


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