web design in san diego

web design san diego

Why Do GraphiCom's Web Designs Work?

Think of your web site as a
drive-thru restaurant

Because You Only Get 20 Seconds!

Your website needs to be like a drive-thru restaurant: People want to:

• Get In Fast
• Easily Get What They Want
• Get Out

Nobody has time to review your web site, page by page. Most viewers only skim through it (just like you are doing on this website).

GraphiCom's "Drive-thru" Web Design Philosophy

When you pull into a drive-thru, the first thing you see is a menu board showing pictures of all the food they offer. Can you imagine how hard it would be to figure out what you wanted to eat WITHOUT those pictures? Your website needs to be the same way.

Nobody will order from you if they don't "get" your menu board. It's really that simple.

We're experts at creating intuitive, easy to understand, easy to navigate web sites. Take this site for example. We really like the giving you the ability to go TO any page FROM any page. Our site map at the bottom of every single page allows easy access to any other page on this site. It also provides an easy at-a glance road map of where you currently are within the site! When we say we build intuitive web sites, we mean it!

Please review our web design San Diego portfolio.

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